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● Many Ponies from the G1 line were manufactured with pink hair that faded to white easily. Ponies with this problem tend to sell for a lot less. Ponies that suffered from this include Wind Whistler (pale blue Pegasus Pony), Tornado (dark blue Mountain Boy Pony) and Posey (yellow earth Pony). This was not changed in the G3 line; ponies such as Minty, Pinkie Pie, Desert Rose and others with pale pink hair also fade under prolonged sunlight.

● Belonging to the same company, some My Little Ponies shared names with two other popular toy lines of the 80s, Transformers and G.I. Joe. For example, Beachcomber, Cosmos, and Seaspray were both My Little Ponies and Transformers characters, and Firefly was both a My Little Pony and a G.I. Joe character. The poor box office performances of My Little Pony: The Movie and Transformers: The Movie were the primary reason why the big screen release of G.I. Joe: The Movie was cancelled. In more recently lines, the name Starcatcher has been used for a cloth-winged Pegaus Pony in the My Little Pony line, and for the name of the Transformer club exclusive Astrotrain's partner Mini-Con.

● During year four of G1 production, Hasbro began using "regrind" plastic where old plastic was ground up finely and mixed in with new plastic. It reduced waste, but the old plastic did not hold the dye as well as the new plastic, and could lose its colour over time. If too much regrind was used then the quality of a toy could suffer. As a result there are now some Ponies with bright pink spots in the plastic where the plastic has deteriorated over the years. There is no way to reverse the effects of regrind deterioration.

● The quirky musician, L. Burke, once claimed,"My Little Pony made me homosexual."

● In 2005, when US President George W. Bush nominated Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court of the United States, political cartoonist Steve Sack drew a cartoon depicting Bush brushing a pony toy with false eyelashes under the title "My Little Crony", since it was recently after the dismissal of Michael D. Brown for failing to handle the Hurricane Katrina crisis.

My Little Pony has had "cameo" appearances in several other comics as well as some TV shows. (The OC debut of Princess Sparkle from the G1 line is a prominent example.)

● Robot Chicken did a skit called Apocalypse Ponies which featured Pestilence Pony, War Pony, Famine Pony, and Death Pony.

● Another Robot Chicken short involved the mythical winged horse Pegasus having his wings severed and turned into a My Little Pony-esque creature by a demented little girl, who whipped him into accepting his fate, and his new name - "Sunny Muffins." This was a parody of a scene from the TV miniseries Roots, in which the African man Kunta Kinte is flogged into accepting his new name, "Toby."

● The Backyard Sports series has a parody called "My Precious Pony." In the series, Maria Luna says that she collects My Precious Pony dolls.

● Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro, released an April Fool's joke revealing that the newest d20 RPG setting would be an adaptation of the My Little Pony setting to a tabletop roleplaying game ("d20 MLP").

● For April Fool's day in 2006, the front page on Slashdot.org (a popular news site) was redesigned in the fashion of My Little Ponies.

● A parody/homage of the ponies has made multiple appearances in the Cartoon Network animated series Dexter's Laboratory, as the Pony Puff Princess and the Pony Puff ponies, idolized by Dee Dee and her friends. Except for the unicorn horn, they bear remarkable resemblance to the ponies of My Little Pony.

● On Clarissa Explains It All, Clarissa in an episode rents a series called "My Little Unicorn."

● Towards the end of the second live-action Transformers trailer, a little girl walking towards a pool is carrying a My Little Pony stuffed animal just before a transformer emerges from the water. The plush is of the character Pinkie Pie, in the Generation Three line.

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