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Petite Ponies
Petite Ponies are tiny pony figures that came in sets. Some have different traits such as combable hair, shimmery bodies, or glow-in-the-dark bodies. Under the base of each is an engraved hoof that allows the pony to function as a key to the Petite Playsets. None of these smaller ponies had official names and many had the same symbols. They were sold from 1989 to 1991.

Dream Beauties
Larger figures, made of hard plastic, were advertised as "grown up" ponies and called Dream Beauties. Unlike the main line, they looked more like horses. All of them were earth ponies except for the three Highflying Beauties, who had large multicolored wings. They were sold from 1989 to 1990 and were often confused with Fashion Star Fillies and Barbie horses. One way to tell the difference is that Dream Beauties have a line of plastic "beads" along the bases of their manes.

My Little Kitty/Puppy/Bunny
Kitty, puppy, and bunny sets were sold under the Hasbro MLP logo in 1990-1991. Each set comprised a mom, two babies, and a plastic comb. All the moms were flocked and all the babies were mini plastic figures. Kitty moms had cottony tails. Puppy moms had either silky or cottony ears. Bunny moms had cottony tails and silky forelocks.

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