&; international ponies

In many parts of Europe, there were European exclusives. These were produced by factories in France, Greece, Italy and Spain. European ponies generally fetch more than their respective counterparts made in Hong Kong or China (where the vast majority of ponies were made). Some are fairly easy to find (for example, a Peachy made in Italy) whereas some are much harder to find (for example, Happy Birthday, a Greek exclusive pony made in the sitting pose with candles as a symbol).

Most ponies released in the United States could be found in Western Europe as well. The majority of domestic mail-order ponies never appeared overseas, though many countries had their own mail-order systems (covered below). Some of the ponies (and even playsets) were given different names abroad (for example, the Big Brothers were known as Adventure Boys in the UK).

Some variations came from different countries and were variations on US- or UK-released ponies. Some, however, were unique to their country or region.

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