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Two animated television series were aired during generation 1. The first, My Little Pony, was set in Dream Valley, a land inhabited by witches, goblins, and other magical creatures with whom the Little Ponies and their human friend Megan would often do battle. The series promoted a great many of the toys available in 1986-1987, featuring a large regular cast of Earth, Pegasus, and Unicorn Ponies with guest appearances by new lines such as Flutter Ponies and Princess Ponies. A later program, My Little Pony Tales, anthropomorphised the Ponies - they lived in a human-like town, going to school, fretting about relationships, running businesses, going on vacation, and exchanging currency for goods.

In 2004, the first season of the My Little Pony television series was released on DVD. The four-DVD collection features two television specials--"Rescue at Midnight Castle" (later retitled "Firefly's Adventure" when sold as part of a VHS and pony set) and "Escape from Catrina"--and fifty episodes from the original series. Some songs from the original airing of the two specials have been cut, leaving the specials as they appeared when syndicated as part of the cartoon series. The packaging on the DVD features ponies from both the series and the 1997-1999 line. The ten-episode miniseries "The End of Flutter Valley" was released on a single-disc DVD in 2005.

2006 brought the release of episodes from the second season, with two single-disc DVD releases: "Flight to Cloud Castle and Other Stories" and "Quest of the Princess Ponies and Other Stories", in addition to a DVD of "Two Great Pony Tales", with "The Glass Coins" and "The Glass Princess" available as 8 episodes.

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