&; the basics

All three My Little Pony lines consist of plastic ponies with brushable manes and tails. They are generally brightly-colored and can have multi-colored manes and tails. They have specific symbols on their hips that allow them to be identified. Some ponies have marks that stretch over their backs and sides or can be found on their cheeks and foreheads as well as hips. There are various types including Unicorns, Pegasi and seahorse-like Seaponies.

My Little Pony was one of the most popular collectible toys of the 1980s and is enjoying a successful comeback on the current market. Due to the brand's recent return to stores the second hand market for the toys has boomed. However, many of the older Ponies are not worth a large amount of money, due to the fact that many were manufactured in large numbers and were purchased by many people. There are exceptions to this rule, such as in the case of Mountain Boys (not to be confused with the more common Big Brothers). The Mountain Boys were furry-footed male Ponies with weather themes and were only released in the United Kingdom. They were only available for a short time, making them highly desirable for foreign collectors and UK collectors alike.

Other toy companies have chosen to mimic My Little Pony designs (and in some cases use actual My Little Pony molds) and create what are commonly known as "fakies" in the hopes of cashing in on Hasbro's success. Most fakie Ponies are easy to tell from the real thing as they are often made from cheaper materials.

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